Consulting engineers, architecture and urbanism
Member of : Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers
Iranian Construction Engineers Organization
The Syndicate of Consulting Architects and Planers


Sath-O-Sanat Consultant Engineering firm with more than thirty years precedence in various fields aiming to atone costumers, has been assessed and registered against the provision of ISO 9001:2000 International Standard with certification of the "Quality Management System" of Sath-O-Sanat Consulting Engineers for Consulting engineers, Architecture and Urbanism.


This system is improving more and more with collaborative activities. In this standard, these activities are mostly done:


  • Recognizing processes that are needed in Sath-O-Sanat and documenting them with graphs and contents.
  • The Sequence and Order are considered in-between these activities.
  • Process was analyzed at proper time for Estimating Results and Advantages or Disadvantages.
  • If the Results were not acceptable, refining the activities would be started.
  • During Designing and Establishing this System, Sath-O-Sanat has always attempted to have enough and proper Resources and Information available for supporting the execution and have a stable process.

At this Firm, some Standard Rules about Projects are:

  • Create Proper Work Space
  • Hardware and Software Equipments

For establishing "Quality Management System", Sath-O-Sanat started a good Programming and Planning for reaching the result by cases that are mentioned:

  • High quality consulting services at proper time supporting by firm´s capabilities.
  • Specifying Concise and Clear Product Requirements.
  • Having required revisions to refine system feedbacks.
  • Helping firm to have attendance in collaborative activities to enhance pitching quality culture more than past.
  • Employing proper and expert human resources for project activities and tasks.
  • Upgrading staff capabilities and skills by regular training.
  • Specifying Quality Goals for Architecture and Grading them.
  • Detecting different details related to project designing.
  • Constructive communications with collaborative consultors and supplier.